When we talk about churros with chocolate we talk about something as native to Madrid as the door of the Sun itself. Breakfast churros with chocolate on Sundays is almost a tradition for many Spanish families.

Where to have churros with chocolate in Madrid?

Whether it’s to take up strength first thing in the morning or if you prefer, to warm up in the middle of the afternoon, sitting down fora chocolate with churros you should be part (at least once) of your visit. Few things there are as much Madriders as this ! But where am I going?

Practically all the bars of the tourist center of Madrid offer churros with chocolate, however, there are places that stand out for their history and quality Here we propose those for us that are the best places to taste this delicious delicacy.

San Ginés

Number one on our list is the San Ginés chocolatier. It is the oldest chocolate shop inMadrid,opened in 1984 and a meeting place for intellectuals in the early twentieth century.

Churros in Madrid

San Ginés is a lovely place,partly thanks to its period furniture but also thanks to the small passage under which it is located. A true institution in the world of chocolate churros and despite its great popularity, San Ginés is a mandatory stop for tourists and Madrid.

The place has been able to adapt to any audience, staying open 24 hours a day. The value for money is more than acceptable and curiously better than other less well-known chocolate shops.

A little seed! To fully enjoy better and save yourself the wait, it is better to avoid the rush hours: those of breakfast and snack.

Master Churrero

Proponents of the traditional churro may put the cry in the sky when we see including the «master churrero chocolate shop» (Jacinto Benavente square 2) on our list but we love it.

We love it precisely because it comes from the typical traditional breakfast to offer a variety of amazing churros. Churros of a thousand flavors and colors, bathed in chocolate, stuffed with jam or sweet milk, churro makis with terichoco sauce, savory tapas and churros sandwiches and even gluten-free churros.

Definitely if you’re sweet, this is your place. Attention because the place has few tables and fills up quickly if you see it full you can always order your products to take away.

churros with chocolate


20 meters from San Ginés we find another classic churrería whose management has been going from parents to children for more than 100 years. 5 generations ! The place is decorated with photos of the family that runs it and who started selling churros through the streets of old Madrid.

churros with chocolate

They serve breakfast from 7:00 to 12:00 and snacks from 17:00 to 19:00. Apart from churros – their specialty – they also make their own homemade pastries: brownies, pancakes, waffles and much more. What do you want something salty? The place has two floors and the one above is a restaurant where you can taste the typical Madrid food and the best meats and fish.

Where to have churros with chocolate in Madrid?

Chocolate Shop Value

Valor is a very old and well-known cocoa brand that a few years ago value decided to launch into the world of catering by opening its own chocolate shop in the center of Madrid and a few steps from Gran Via.

If its churros and its batons are very good, the Chocolate Shop Valor is especially known for the quality of its chocolate, considered by many to be the best in Madrid. And they also have more than 14 varieties.

If you are lovers of chocolate this is your place: orange chocolate, mint, white chocolate, chocolate accompanied by ice cream and much more in Chocolate Shop Valor or on its beautiful outdoor terrace.

Casa Manolo

A place with such a traditional name couldn’t help but offer something as traditional as chocolate churros. Casa manolo is especially known for its croquettes and for being a meeting and resting place for Spanish politicians, as this is located a step away from the Congress of Deputies.

They serve crisp and hot churros from early morning until late afternoon. Perfect for breakfast or for a snack. And if you don’t feel sweet, start trying out their locally renowned croquettes!

Chocolat Madrid

Chocolat Madrid is a newcomer compared to the rest of establishments. It is located in a pleno Barrio de las Letras and has become relatively well known thanks to the quality and purity of its chocolate that barely contains sugars.

This place, which is also place of sale and distribution of healthy and organic products, has undoubtedly opened a gap in the world of churros with chocolate even though the place itself, is the least welcoming (perhaps due to the narrowness of the place) of the establishments listed here.

Churreria 1883

And we’re going with another old churrería. This business has been in place since 1883 but it has been recently when it has opened its doors to the public having dedicated to it then to make churros for the bars and cafes of the area. It is located in the heart of Malasaña.


If you are staying or are in the area, we recommend you to visit it and try its churros or any other of its delicacies. One thing: They serve breakfast and snacks and are open from 5:30 to 13:00 and from 17:00 to 20:30. Perfect opening time for early risers and also for partyers.


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