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Few things are as Spanish as churros with chocolate (or «chocolate con churros»). Churros with chocolate are a typical dish of Spanish gastronomy, but it has also spread to countries like Mexico or Argentina. Traditionally, churros with chocolate are a popular Spanish breakfast or early morning snack after a long night. Sometimes they are also served as an afternoon snack. Churros are deep-fried dough (they have the shape of a stick), usually choux pastry, rolled in sugar and cinnamon. They are said to be an invention of the Spanish shepherds, since the fried dough was easy to make in the mountains.

Where to have churros with chocolate in Madrid?

▶ San Ginés

The number one in our list is the San Ginés chocolate factory and bar. It is the oldest chocolate and churros factory in Madrid, opened in 1984 and a meeting place for intellectuals at the beginning of the 20th century.

Churros in Madrid
San Gines

San Ginés is a charming place, not only because of its historical furniture, but also because of the small passage andsquare where is located. San Ginés is a «churreric» (we just made this word up)  institution. Despite its great popularity, it is a classic churros with chocolate from Madrid. This chocolate bar is a must visit for locals and tourists. Is it a tourist place? Yes, without a doubt. It is recommended in most guidebooks, and there are many tourists. But we locals also visit (and perhaps avoid the peak hours when there are too many people).

In any case, this place is big, there is often room for everyone. Not only is there a terrace in the square, but there are tables inside in three adjoining spaces and a place with churros and chocolate to go. Although there are many people, it is likely that you can easily find a table. Fortunately, San Ginés has managed to find the delicate balance between tourism and the town’s residents, maintaining a very correct price in terms of quality and becoming a place where tourists and «Madrileños» are equally mixed. ¡ A tip! If you want to sit on the terrace (at the most coveted tables) and secure a seat, do not hurry at peak times (breakfast and afternoon snack).

▶ Maestro Churrero

Advocates of the traditional churro will scream to the heavens to see how we «snuck» Churrería Maestro Churrero (whose management has passed from parents to children since 1902) into our list of favorites. They have two premises in Madrid (the one in Plaza de Jacinto Benavente have a terrace, the one in Carrera de San Jerónimo only tables inside).

Maestro Churrero

We love it because it is an innovative chocolate and churros place. Not only do they offer the classic chocolate with churros, but they have developed a completely different offer. The variety is huge: churros in a thousand flavors and colors (they sell a tray of mini churritos called 7 churros 7 colors with banana, strawberry, orange or bubblegum flavors….), churros filled with jam or dulce de leche, churros covered with white or black chocolate, churros without gluten, churros with gelato, «fartons» of churro with horchata (in valence, a farton is a kind of elongated bun, soft, sweet and absorbent that gets wet in horchata) and, above all, makis of churro with «terichoco» sauce. Attention, yes, they are served with chopsticks and eaten like sushi. If you have a sweet tooth, Master Churrero is your paradise.

churros with chocolate
Churro Maki

▶ 1902

A little more than 50 meters from San Ginés is another family business, Churrería 1902, which has been run by the same family since this year. The family, which began selling churros in the streets of Madrid, has decorated its premises with photos from the history of the business.

churros with chocolate
Selling churros in the street

Although it’s open all day, breakfast specials are available from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. and snacks from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. (do not worry, churros are available outside of those hours, too). In addition to the churros, they also make their own brownies, waffles, crepes and more. Would you rather eat salted? On the second floor of Churrería 1902 is a restaurant that offers a menu outside of breakfast and snack hours, priced at about € 13 on weekdays and €17 on weekends. Typical cuisine of the region, good meat, fish and wines.

Where to have churros with chocolate in Madrid?
The kitchen at 1902

▶ Chocolatería – Churrería VALOR

Valor is a classic and centuries-old cocoa brand that sells hot chocolate, chocolate bars, pastries and chocolates. In the 1980s, Valor decided to expand its business by opening chocolate and churros stores and later became a franchise, the most central of which is located just steps from Gran Vía. Valor Store is best known for the quality of its chocolate (for many, the best in Madrid) and for its 14 varieties of chocolate: Mint, Orange, Chocolate with Ice Cream, White Chocolate, etc. You can try them inside or on the beautiful outdoor terrace.

Chocolateria Valor (Gran Vía)

Although it is quite famous, it is not rated by us. Maybe it is because Chocolatería Valor  is a franchise and not part of the brand, or because of its tourist location that it does not make an effort to provide careful service. Personally, we found a somewhat unpleasant business, tourist prices and nothing special churros.  We will see where the chocolate store Valor Gran Vía is going (wait, other places of the same franchise, but with a different management, work well), in any case, at the moment they seem to take advantage of their privileged location and neglect other aspects.

▶ Casa Manolo

A bar-restaurant of the most eclectic kind, offering both churros with chocolate and a traditional Madrid menu. Apart from the churros, Casa Manolo is a place known for its croquettes and because it is two steps from the Chamber of Deputies, it is a meeting place for many deputies. Homemade churros, well fried, crispy and warm from early morning until late afternoon. Ideal for breakfast or as a snack. However, if you do not feel like something sweet, you should try the croquettes. They are a real treat for the palate.

Casa Manolo

▶  Chocolat Madrid

Chocolat Madrid is a chocolate store younger than the previous ones. It opened in 2003 on a corner of a very quiet street of the literary quarter. It has a slightly different schedule. It is open every day from morning to night, but warm churros are only available from Monday to Tuesday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm and from Wednesday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm. They also serve toasts, sandwiches, hamburgers, salads and other «non-sweet» items between 1:00pm and 4:00pm. They make their own chocolate, which they sell in bars. Its chocolate a la taza also has a lower sugar content than other places, which has earned it a «hole» among Madrid’s churrerías. Finally, Chocolat Madrid also works as a point of sale and distribution of organic products..

Chocolat Madrid

▶  Churreria 1883

Here is another example of an old churrería. Founded in 1883, this churrería, which until a few years ago was dedicated exclusively to the production and distribution of churros to bars and restaurants in Madrid, now has a small store in the heart of Malasaña.

Churros and Porras (thick version of the churro)

It is a small store with exposed brick walls, curious lamps forged from iron and a skylight at the entrance that gives it a unique look. On the walls, many photos and pictures revisit the history of this family business. And the best: an open kitchen where you can immediately see how your churros are prepared. What makes this churrería special is that it offers not only the classic churros (they also have them bathed in chocolate, in Oreo, etc.), but also salted churros (stuffed, like a sandwich or sandwich, sweet ham and cheese, ham serrano, sausage…). Open from Wednesday to Monday from 7:30 to 21h and Tuesday from 7:30 to 16h. With this schedule so early even on Sunday, the churrería (as you can imagine) is full of young people on Sunday morning. How can you not eat chocolate churros after leaving the club and before returning home?


Churreria 1883
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