General Terms of Sale

Article 1: Fields of application

The terms and conditions of sale apply to all services carried out by Madrid For You (below called MPV). Bookings of MPV services confirmed by the participants and therefore contracts between MPV and the participants are subject to the general terms of sale below. MPV offers guided tours on foot, by bike and segway, and also offers other services at other providers (flamenco shows, bus tours, tickets, tours outside Madrid etc). These providers then apply their own terms and conditions of sale.

Article 2: Guided tours

MPV cannot be held liable if the benefit cannot be performed in an agreed manner because of compelling circumstances beyond its control. MPV therefore reserves the right to change the route of the visit in the event of a dam, work or demonstration on it or to change the program. The participant will be informed by MPV. The guide can also make changes on site if the guided tour is to be adapted to the given situation. Guided tours are organized regardless of the weather conditions, as long as the safety of the participants is not endangered.

Article 3: Cancellation, booking change, withdrawal, termination

3.1. The client can cancel his participation in a guided tour in a group or in private, or retract the contract before the performance. The cancellation of the service with MPV 2 calendar days before the service is free of charge, then the customer will have to pay the fees as follows:

Up to 48 hours before delivery: no fees

Up to 24 hours before delivery: 50 of the total TTC price

Less than 24 hours before delivery or defection: 100 of the total TTC price

3.2. If there is a delay, please notify MPV by phone. The guide waits 15 minutes at the departure point of the tour. If the participant does not show up within 15 minutes of the start time of the visit or has not notified the guide of his delay, MPV will be forced to cancel the visit.

3.3. Special provision: bad weather.

MPV guided tours are organised in all weather conditions. In pouring rain, however, MPV may also offer to postpone the guided tour to another day in agreement with the group. Cancellation of the visit due to rain and free of charge is only possible if the group has informed MPV by telephone 24 hours before the start of the service.

Article 4: Security

You participate in the visit knowingly and at your own risk.

The client must be respectful of the guide and other participants in the guided tour. Before departure, (especially for bike tours and a segway) the guide will give the safety instructions to follow throughout the guided tour. The customer undertakes to respect them scrupulously, and this, throughout the guided tour. During the guided tour, the client agrees to listen to the instructions given by the guide, whether verbal or not (signs made with hands etc…).

During the duration of the guided tour, the customer undertakes to respect the French road code, including respect for traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, etc. It is forbidden to leave the group during the guided tour, except in cases of need related to the safety of all or part of the group or others, or express request of the guide. The customer will be fully responsible if he finds himself in a situation of infringement in view of Spanish law and road safety.

By booking a guided tour, the customer:

Accepts that any accident( negligently or intentionally) that would occur when he participates in the guided tour that could injure or handicap him (including physical, emotional, or mental harm) is in no way MPV’s liability. Parents are responsible for their minor children.

Accepts full responsibility for any accidents it may cause to others during a guided tour. MPV has contracted a professional liability insurance policy from AXA.

Article 5: Cancellation by MPV

5.1. MPV may cancel the guided tour if the minimum number of participants shown on the description page (2 people) of the visit is not reached. MPV must inform participants immediately, as soon as the required number of participants is not reached and the guided tour cannot take place. In the event of a cancellation, the participant has the right to participate in the same guided tour on another date. If the participant does not wish to do so, the price of the guided tour will be refunded.

5.2. MPV may terminate the contract without notice, if the performance of the guided tour is hampered by a participant despite mPV warnings. MPV retains the right to claim the overall price. Any additional expenses generated are borne by the participant who disrupted the guided tour.

5.3.MPV may terminate the contract if the agreed price is not paid by the participant in accordance with the contract and despite a warning or if the customer makes such a serious contractual fault, that the immediate suspension of the contract is justified. If MPV terminates the contract for one of the above reasons, MPV retains the right to claim the overall price

Article 6: Confidential information

The personal information, which the participant makes available to MPV, is processed electronically and used to the extent that it is necessary for the performance of the contract and customer service. MPV is committed to complying with Spanish data protection law.

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