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If you love vintage fashion, you are in luck, because Madrid has a wide variety of vintage stores that cover all styles and price ranges Most of them are located in the same neighborhood: Malasaña (some stores are also in La Latina, Lavapiés and Chueca).

This neighborhood in the center of Madrid, known for its beauty and tradition, is worth a visit in itself… Why not go shopping to discover it? Malasaña is full of designer boutiques art galleries, traditional stores and bars and trendy cafes You’ll love it.

Malasaña: Calle Velarde (street), Calle Espiritu Santo and Calle Corredera Baja de San Pablo. Most of the vintage stores in the area are located in these three streets. Yes, everything is grouped in just three streets. We can not dream any better! Here are our favorites:


▶ Velarde Street

▶ Williamsburg

  • Monday to Sunday from 11am to 9pm.
  • Velarde Street, 4

If you have ever been to New York and are a fan of vintage clothing, the name Williamsburg should mean something to you, as it is the name of a well-known vintage fashion district, the home of the Hispter movement. This store became very popular after Sarah Jessica Parker – famous for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City – bought a dress there, which she later wore to a gala. It is one of the most popular vintage stores.

vintage madrid
Williamsbourg & El rincón de Jo next to each other



  • Address: Velarde, 7 y 16 and León, 29
  • Opening hours: 11am-9pm daily

Alphaville is all about American fashion, sporty style and especially retro: baseball jackets, cloth coats, long dresses, kimonos, 90s sweaters and lots of embroidery. You’ll find tops for the beach to hats for winter.


vintage madrid


▶ El rincón de tía Jo

  • Address: Calle Velarde, 4
  • Opening hours: 12pm-3pm and 4pm-9pm Monday to Thursday / 12pm-9pm Friday and Saturday / 1pm-9pm Sunday

One thing to remember: Do not just stop at the entrance of the store! Do yourself a favor and go to the back of the store. Entering the cave of El rincón de tía Jo is like going back in time. Jo (named Josefina) is there for you in this part of the store to help you with anything you need. Prices are quite low and there is a great selection of clothing (even for winter coats). El rincón de Jo has an advantage that other stores do not offer: a small collection of secondhand and antique items.

▶ Magpie

  • Velarde 3
  • Monday to Saturday from 11am to 9pm.

Magpie is one of the most complete stores in the area: you’ll find accessories like leather belts with buckles of all brands and colors. Tiaras and party hats, a section of vintage clothing, sequined jackets, tops, long gloves, retro sunglasses or vintage jewelry.

In addition, depending on the season, you can find basics like retro swimsuits and nude shoes in summer or gloves and aviator hats in winter. If you like Doc Martens, you can find them in different sizes and colors at a very good price and quality, about 40 €.


Vintage Madrid


▶ Espíritu Santo Street

▶ Flamingos Vintage kilo

  • Espíritu Santo 1 and Palma Street 3

Flamingos Vintage Kilo started as a small and rather hidden store, but soon became very popular and eventually the reference store in the area. Unbeatable clothes!  It is the place to store and bargains, but especially for light materials. Lots of clothes and a constantly moving store. When you go in, be prepared to stay a while because you will have to search to find what you like. The sale of clothes by the kilo has become very popular, and this type of vintage stores is very common in big cities.

vintage madrid

▶ El templo de Susu

  • Espíritu Santo 1
  • Monday to Sunday from 11:00 to 14:30 and from 17:00 to 21:00

This is the oldest vintage store in Malasaña, with the mythical giant motorcycle at the entrance and the sounds of rock. El templo de Susu will take you back to the 70s! Its long-haired rock-style salesmen are the most personable. It’s one of the cheapest vintage stores in the business, offering mostly jackets of all kinds, especially leather. You can find metal arrow earrings at an unbeatable price and very cheap belts and bags.

vintage madrid


▶ Miss Vintage

  • Espíritu Santo, 7
  • Monday to Saturday from 12 to 21h

Boutique for women. At Miss Vintage we find refined clothing: skirts, blouses and jackets arrive almost every week and are carefully displayed throughout the store. Elegant sweaters and divine accessories: from beaded necklaces to long gloves. By looking at the arrangement of the clothes, you can see what look you might put together. On the top shelves are the headpieces, hats and glasses that best match the dresses hanging on the hangers. Then at the bottom are the shoes that fit best.


▶ Street Corredera Baja de San Pablo and Corredera Alta de San Pablo


▶ Lady Cacahuete

Lady Peanut (Lady Cacahuete)  is not a vintage store, but a new brand of women’s clothing inspired by the 50s, rockabilly, the golden age of Madison Avenue advertising, Technicolor cinema and photography. A brand that is 100% made in Spain, designing, supporting and assembling locally, with reduced production and a high level of exclusivity. In addition, Lady Cacahuete offers sizes from 36 to 46 (from S to XXXL). 

Vintage store Madrid
Lady Cacahuete


▶ Retro City Vintage

  • Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 4

Color, color and more color! Retro City is one of our favorite stores when it comes to finding colorful prints or good mood coats. Take a look at what’s hanging on the walls: Belts, purses, bags, jackets, skirts, clothes with star patterns, cheerleader uniforms, military style jackets or even old Barbie collections. The highlights:  its variety of raincoats and sports jackets from the 90s.

vintage madrid


▶ Aramayo

  • Herradores 4, Corredera Baja de San Pablo 2, Hernán Cortés 14
  • Monday to Saturday from 12 to 21h, Sunday from 12h to 19h

They have three very centrally located stores: one in the Chueca neighborhood, another in the Malasaña neighborhood, and another near the Opera House. In the store near the Opera House (Herradores 8) you will find a wide selection of shirts with Hawaiian print, denim coats and jackets at a good price, sunglasses or Levi’s pants from 20 euros.


Madrid has a multitude of vintage stores that cater to all styles and prices

The mannequin at the entrance is a fashion icon in its own right, and the wide range of clothes combines very well with the accessories displayed at the entrance. There is a lot of costume jewelry and many bags from the 50s made of all kinds of skins (including snakes).


▶ More Vintage stores in Madrid


▶ Kilombo Vintage

Kilombo vintage (Hernan Cortés 9) is a charming little store in the center of Madrid. It is located in Chueca, the traditional and modern gay neighborhood. The store is more original and exclusive than other vintage stores, so the prices are a bit higher than in other stores.

Colors and prints, long dresses and blouses. They have a diverse collection of shirts and skirts very very feminine. Careful clothing and a very personalized selection. In the same street you will find the second store of Aramayo, which we have already mentioned.

vintage madrid


▶ Kinda Kinks

  • Pez Street 16
  • From Monday to Saturday from 12am to 9pm

It is named after the British rock band The Kinks and their second studio album Kinda Kinks. They have two stores in the center; the oldest on Calle del Pez and the other on Velarde 6, both located in Malasaña. In the new store you will find modern casual clothes and the latest trends. In the old store you will find vintage classics for men and women: Briefcases, leather shoes or denim jackets. Take a tour of both stores and compare the clothes. On the way between the two stores you will find many concept stores and independent designers. Much of this wardrobe is imported from England, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.


vintage madrid


▶ El diván de Cocó

  • Calle de los Estudios, 12

The small store El diván de Cocó, located far from Malasaña in the Latina neighborhood, is run by a very nice Argentine woman. It is strategically located just at the beginning of the popular Rastro market and across from a well-known record and vinyl store of the neighborhood. Coats, raincoats at good prices and a shoe collection that ranges from the glamor of the great designers to the simplicity of local stores. 

At El diván de Cocó, we love the accessories: we saw leather bags and briefcases that were only in the window for a few hours. Their costume jewelry is also very attractive, a bit more classic and pin-up than in other vintage stores.


▶ Johnny and Velvet

  • Address: Calle Embajadores, 42
  • Opening hours: 11am-2pm / 5:30pm-9pm Tuesday to Saturday and 11am-4pm on Sunday

Named after the owner’s two greyhounds, the store is ideal if you want to buy Levi’s jeans for € 20. The store is located a bit away from Madrid’s main vintage shopping center, south of the center on Calle Embajadores (in the neighborhood of Lavapiés), which makes it a good choice if you do not want to expose yourself to the hustle and bustle of Malasaña. The clothes are quirky, original and reasonably priced.

Enjoy your walk, your shopping and above all … Madrid!

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