Famenco in Madrid

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Where can you listen to good flamenco in Madrid?

Are flamenco shows shows for tourists?

Currently in Madrid we find very good flamenco shows. And yes, in general, it is especially in the touristic places dedicated purely to flamenco (the tablaos) where we find flamenco every day of the year. These are dance shows always accompanied by vocals and guitar. But be careful, it’s touristy doesn’t mean it’s bad.



Flamenco in Madrid

Apart from these venues, we also find flamenco in concert halls. However, in a more sporadic way and with a different format. We also find it in bars or in cultural associations. These kinds of performances do not usually incorporate dancing or be especially traditional.


Famenco in Madrid


What about the theaters?

Also in the theaters of Madrid flamenco is offered! In addition, flamenco festivals as important as the «Flamenco Madrid Festival» or the «Festival Suma Flamenca» are scheduled. We even have a theater specialized in flamenco: the «Teatro Flamenco Madrid»

Flamenco venues (tablaos) are the most practical.

There is much talk that flamenco tablaos are for tourists, even some people come to say that they are only shows for tourists. It is true that it is the tourists who fill the shows day after day, but it is also tourists who fill day after day the Prado Museum and no one takes their hands to the head.

The important thing is to inform yourself well and go to shows with guarantees that offer a good flamenco show for all audiences (tourists, locals, Spaniards, foreigners, curious or flamenco fans). Renowned artists can be easily seen in several of Madrid’s tablaos.

What’s positive about a tablao about a bar, a theater or a cultural association?

The quality and frequency of the programming, good artists and closeness to the public. It depends on the tablao, the uniqueness of the place, its history or its decoration or quality. Having a drink or sharing a dinner with friends watching a quality flamenco show can be a beautiful experience.


flamenco show in madrid

Our favorite: best value for money

Le Café Ziryab it is a new flamenco room in Madrid founded by a flamenco dancer in September 2015. A meeting place for flamenco lovers.

Located away from the tourist circuit (but only 20/25 minutes walk from Puerta del Sol), this tablao offers quality shows every day (except Tuesdays) as well as tapas and drinks in a local, charming and intimate setting. You can read the description and buy your tickets by clicking here

Where then to go to see flamenco in Madrid? What do I choose?

The offer is very wide: there are possibly more than 15 flamenco tablaos in Madrid that compete to attract the tourist. We leave here our recommendations

The «Corral de la Morería» and the «Casa Patas»: without a doubt the best in the capital.

The «Corral de la Morería» is located next to the Royal Palace and opened in 1956. It is decorated with furniture from the 18th and 19th century that reminds us of the original flemish tablaos.

The Corral de la Morería offers first class shows. It opens 364 days a year and through it have passed the greatest flamenco artists. Its gastronomic offer is top notch and its wine list is excellent. It is considered the best flamenco tablao in the world and is part of the «100 Places to Watch Before You Die» edited by the New York Times. The Corral de la Morería is a luxury that must be allowed and hence its price is higher than that of other locals.

Casa Patas is a tavern-restaurant and a flamenco tablao considered as a reference point for the flamenco world. Meeting point for artists and amateurs, is a complete building dedicated to flamenco art in addition to the headquarters of a flamenco school.

Of varied programming and high quality, its walls are full of photographs of Flamenco artists who have passed through throughout their 30 years of history. Unlike most of the city tablaos is an open place, it is not necessary to make a reservation to have some tapas although if you go to dinner and watch the show, if it would be recommended.

Other places where you will find flamenco of good quality and open every day are the Cardamom, «Las tablas»,«Las carboneras», «Tablao Villa Rosa», «Café Chinitas», «Corral de la Pacheca»,«Torres Bermejas»,«Café Ziryab» or «Taberna Pink»


flamenco madrid

Flamenco in Madrid in concert halls

Although it’s not every day, there are some places like Café Berlin, Galileo Galilei or Clamores that schedule flamenco musical shows mixed with jazz, pop or rock. It is a different atmosphere from the flamenco show: close and intimate, comes out many times of pure flamenco and every day has more followers. The «Madrid Flamenco Agenda» page is responsible for collecting most of the concerts of halls and tablaos.

For more information, the«Madrid Flamenco Agenda»page is responsible for collecting most of the concerts and shows offered in Madrid in theaters and tablaos.

And if there’s an intimate show to see flamenco, that’s the one from the García Lorca room. Classic flamenco recitals that take place on weekends without microphones or amplification. Definitely an experience.

As for cultural associations, the «flamenco circle of Madrid» organizes events and performances on alternate Thursdays in the «off of La Latina» bar. Other artists such as the flamenco pianist Pablo Rubén Maldonado celebrate luck in the center «love of God» on Saturdays at 21:30.

And if what you want is to party to have a few drinks and not see a concert but to enjoy flamenco music in a bar to use, we also have several places in Plaza de Santa Ana: in Echegaray street you will find the bar «El Burladero» or the «Madrid alley» with atmosphere and flamenco music. Another famous place is the «Candela» very close to Casa Patas.

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