Tickets for the Real Madrid or Atletico stadium

Visit the Santiago Bernabeu or the Wanda Metropolitano

The emotion of football floats in the air of the capital and everyone who visits Madrid feelsit. Football has made its way into the ranking of museum visits, and the Bernabéu Stadium as well as the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium offer tours of their facilities and are experiencing increasing crowds.


$18/child (5-14 years)
stade real madrid billets musee
Ticket Museum real madrid and facilities

Visit santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Even during the football league, which lasts nine months, the Santiago Bernabeu stadium can be visited all year round with precise schedules. It contains a huge souvenir shop on three floors, a museum where you will discover the history of Real Madrid and a restaurant with a view of the football field.


11th/child (5-12 years)
billets madrid
Ticket Museum atletico madrid and facilities

Wanda Metropolitano Stadium Tour

Enjoy your passion for football and explore the Metropolitano stadium with a guided tour of Atlético Madrid's new place Visit the changing rooms, walk on the lawn and much more.

Buy tickets for the Real Madrid stadium: Santiago Bernabeu

Buy tickets to the Atletico Stadium: Wanda Metropolitano

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