shopping malls madrid

Are you in Madrid and want to go shopping but the day does not accompany and you want to do it in cover? In Madrid and surroundings there are many shopping centers although some (especially those located on the outskirts) are not easily accessible by public transport.

Therefore, we thought that it would be a good idea to leave here a list of the shopping centers of Madrid that are closer to the center and which are more accessible. Here we go!





Calle Aracne 3

Although it may be a little further away than other of our proposals, visiting Plenilunio may be the perfect excuse to also visit the nearby Capricho Park: one of the most unknown and beautiful in the city.


shopping malls madrid


Apart from the usual shops, in Plenilunio you will find cinemas, a professional bowling alley with 32 tracks (the largest in Spain!) and one of the largest urban spa in Europe with more than 4500 square meters of surface.


Madrid Rio

Avenida Manzanares 210

Did you know Madrid has a river? We all know that near the river there is always life, and Madrid does not disappoint. Madrid Rio is the newest shopping center in Madrid. 3 floors, many shops and a terrace dedicated to leisure and gastronomy.


Madrid shopping centre
The river and the old slaughterhouse seen from the terrace of Plaza Rio


From its giant terrace you can take amazing photos of the river and the cultural center of Matadero in the background, a visit super recommended by the way. Matadero is a cultural reference in the area, where there is always movement, you will find exhibition halls that are updated assiduously


Madrid and its surroundings have many shopping centers and some are easily accessible by public transport.


Las Rozas Village

Juan Ramón Jiménez 3, Las Rozas

Las Rozas Village is a luxury outlet: a shopping experience. A city totally made to buy, a vertebrate village around a central street that concentrates more than 100 outlets of great designers: Tous, Calvin Klein, Claudie Pierlot, Gucci, Polo, Prada, Versace, Custo, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana…


Las Rozas Village Central Street


It is located a little far from the city center, but there are buses departing from the central Spanish Steps. Attention because the Rozas Village is an outdoor shopping center! Not recommended in case of rain.


Prince Pius

Florida Walk 2

A shopping center in an old train station of the nineteenth century converted into place of shopping and leisure. It is the most accessible of Madrid’s shopping centers and is within a 15-minute walk of the Royal Palace. Its exterior and interior design are worth a visit and although, it does not have as many shops as other larger shopping centers, its offer in gastronomy and its cinemas are great.


Madrid Shopping Centre
Prince Pio: A train station that has become a shopping centre



La Vaguada

Monforte De Lemos 36

The first shopping center in Madrid to open, the Vaguada has endured the passage of time well and remains a favorite of many Madridians. Easily accessible by metro (line 9 stop Herrera Oria), it has 85500 square meters of shops of all kinds, cinemas and restaurants.


Shopping centres in Madrid


La Gavia

Adolfo Bioy Casares Street 2


In about 40 minutes from Puerta del Sol and without having to transfer (line 1 stop Las Suertes) we arrive at La Gavia. The largest Carrefour hypermarket in all of Madrid, an Ikea, the FNAC, 3D cinemas, free WiFi, post office, Primark… absolutely everything


ABC Serrano Shopping Center

61 Serrano Street

For starters, approaching this shopping center is worth it for its wonderful facade and the area in which it is located, in the Salamanca district. Perhaps the least interesting of our proposals seen its small size (the ABC Serrano shopping center offers us a few exclusive shops and above all, a privileged location.


Shopping Center Madrid
In front of ABC Serranow Mall


Ready for a day of shopping? We hope that the information has been useful to you and we remind you that you can pass on any questions or proposals to

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