Multicultural Madrid: Lavapiés

25 € /person
Walking 2'5 hours Private Tour

Multicultural Madrid: Lavapiés

Street Art, Multiculturalism, Tradition & Avant-Garde. Get to know insiders' Madrid.

Lavapiés is not a neighborhood like others It is now the birthplace of Madrid ‘s multicultural life and new street art

Lavapiés is one of the most artistic zones of Madrid and is filled with small & independent theaters, alternative cultural centers,traditional stores & walls decorated with colorful street art. Close to all the main attractions of the city but not touristy itself, Lavapiés is a really old neighborhood representing color, art, multiculturalism, and local life. Lavapiés mixes both the old and the new, the tradition and the avant-garde.

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Insiders' and Underground Madrid

Walking is healthy

Our walking tours always include beautiful surprises: local markets, secret gardens or unusual spots await you!

Time for a break

If you choose to, we will have the opportunity to stop drinking something and tasting a tapa.

Flexible starting point

If your accommodation is not far from lavapies, please let us know so we can pick you up

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