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Today we leave our usual blog trend to show you something curious. All of Velázquez’s work and in particular his work «Las Meninas» had a great influence on Spanish and later painters, cartoonists and photographers.

The influence was so great that many of them, they were encouraged to create their own version of the Meninas, leaving their personal brand present without simply making a copy. Here we leave the ones we liked the most.

Las Meninas de Velázquez: the incredible tributes to the famous painting.


The meninas come out of the picture in the work of Raúl Zuleta

Velázquez’s work inspired this fashion advertising campaign from El Corte Inglés: a major Spanish department store chain.

menines candles
Jean Pierre Sollier and his version of the Playmobil Menines

velasquethe menines
French photographer Gérard Rancinan leaves no one indifferent with his irreverent recreation of the Meninas


meadow menines
This illustration of Munguía was called Las Mininas in Spanish. A nice pun for an original version.

dalmins menines
In his painting – Velázquez’s secret number – Salvador Dalí decides to replace the characters with numbers.

menines candles
In the drawing above, Spanish cartoonist Julio A Serrano uses the meninas to make social criticism

American artist Sthepen Yadzinki scares us with his original proposal

madri en menines
Unfortunately we couldn’t find the illustrator’s name. We love it!

menines candles
Bizarro’s superheroes and superheroes

velasquethe menines
The painter Antonio de Felipe is the largest contemporary representative of Spanish Pop Art.

The influence of the famous Velázquez came to the cover of Vogue magazine in South Korea.


Picasso could not miss in our selection! So much was the influence of the Spanish painter on the Malaga genius that at the age of 76 – in 1957 – Picasso created the series Les Meninas Cubistas that included 58 works of which 45 were inspired by Velázquez’s work.


candle table
Marilyn Monroe, Mao Zedong, Las Meninas, King Felipe VI and the children Cristina and Elena. A mix of Lluis Barba that made us laugh.


botero the menines
The brilliant Colombian painter Fernando Botero also revisited Les Ménines and in particular the infanta Margarita of Austria, protagonist of the painting.

The show, from the artistic collective «Equipo Canica»

Las Meninas by José Antonio Mora

Peruvian artist Herman Braun-Vega presents this curious version.


menines candles
Many of you will recognize this version of the Meninas: the one from the adventure hour animated series!

The cartoonist who leaves us another brilliant version of the Meninas is the Spaniard Antonio Mingote who represents the infanta Margarita flying while the rest of the characters loa observe surprised.
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