Guided Tours in Vitoria - Gasteiz

Visit the European Green Capital.

Guided Vitoria Tours

Vitoria-Gasteiz: Basque Country Capital

The origin of the capital of Euskadi, founded in the 12th century, is in the small walled village of Gasteiz. Its historic center, known as the Medieval Almond, was declared a monumental complex in 1997. It is a beautiful urban complex that will surprise you

Top guided tours in Vitoria - Gasteiz


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60 minutes

Cathedral Visit

Explore all its corners, from the underground crypt to the triforium, not forgetting the parapet walkway and the portico of light show..


75 minutes

Cathedral + Tower Visit

For a complete experience, climb also the tower and enjoy a unique panorama of the city from this watchtower.


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75 minutes

Cathedral + Wall Visit

In addition to the tour included in the visit to the cathedral, you can observe the medieval wall of Gasteiz and its restoration process.

The Old Cathedral: open for works

How would you feel walking on a scaffold at 16 meters high to see the inside of a Gothic Cathedral? It is an experience that surely attracts you and that you will live in Vitoria. And it is that in its Cathedral of Santa Maria guided tours are organized in which you will contemplate the restoration works of this temple and you will observe in an original way its enormous arches and columns.

The Painted Town

One of the hallmarks of Vitoria-Gasteiz, is its Mural Itinerary. We can walk a bigpart of the historical center of the city through its painted facades.

It all started in 2007 with the first of the murals, and little by little it is transforming the city, giving new life to old facades, and making the traveler discover the city in another way. A walk that leads us to use a map, go up, down &  get lost in small streets.

The Old Town of Vitoria

There are many walks that can be done in Vitoria, but there is an essential one and it is the one that runs through the well-known Medieval Almond, named for the shape that takes the route that runs through its center, dotted with temples, civil buildings, palaces and tower houses of great artistic and architectural value, with representations of Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Neoclassical. Therefore, it was declared a Monumental Complex in 1997, with a preservation of its medieval route worth knowing.

Salburua Wetlands

The Salburua Park is a complex of wetlands, formed by two main lagoons that extend east of the city of Vitoria.

It is one of the most important wetlands in Europe and the most significant natural space within the so-called “Green Ring”, a project by which the Vitorian town hall has tried to safeguard the forests and natural spaces that surround Vitoria.

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